A visit to Coventry Transport Museum

Our recent trip down to see the cycling-related exhibition in London’s Design Museum gave us the kick that we needed to visit our own local museum—several of the exhibits were on loan from Coventry. Somehow after living here for just over ten years we have failed to get to the Museum. It was always on a list but somehow never made it to the top. Anyway, it did this time.


We rode into Coventry, stopping at Wetherspoons for a quick drink. Erik rode his Brompton and I was on my new Motobecane Mirage Sport—bought for an amazing £10.50 on eBay. My plan for the bike—when I have time—is to modernise it with all the things I fancy—I’ve just bought moustache handlebars from Nitto. For now, we just adjusted the seat height and got riding. It was surprisingly easy to ride, despite the dropped handlebars and friction gears (both things I find somewhat challenging).

There were plenty of bicycles to see (along with cars and motorbikes which I ignored) from Penny Farthings to the Safety bicycles. I was particularly taken with the bar-end brakes on this old racing bicycle (1912 Royal Triumph), thinking they’d go great on my new Nitto bars.


I loved a 1972 Raleigh Tempo bicycle that was based on Schwinn cruisers. It is probably a good job it was quite a small bike otherwise I’d have been surfing on eBay looking for one. As always I had to smile when I saw a Chopper—this one a very nice condition Fizzy Lemon Mark 2. I can’t wait to get mine back from the cycle shop.

P1010791 cropped

P1010787 cropped

No visit to a museum would be complete without popping into the shop (I got some great postcards) and recovering in the cafe—a great cup of white chocolate hot chocolate and a lovely piece of Victoria Sponge was all the sustenance I needed for the ride home.


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