My year riding and the road ahead

Last year, I cycled a lot. I cycled in to work and back, did much of our shopping, trained and rode sportives. Using my Garmin device, I kept detailed records of training and sportives. I covered 1,542 miles (2482 km) in about 102 hours of riding. As part of that distance, I did a dozen sportives for 696 miles. The graphic below is based on the Garmin data.

I didn’t keep such detailed records of my daily rides; I just noted in my diary whether I had gone to work (about 5.5 miles round trip) or covered a similar distance. Some days I’d go in to work twice, morning and afternoon, and other days I’d do additional errands—picking up missed parcels, getting some shopping and so on. I estimate the distance for daily rides as six miles, to include the longer rides, or 1,038 miles in total. I did that sort of trip on 173 days, and training or sportives on 79, so all in all, I rode 252 days.

Next year, I want to do better. I’m setting myself a goal of 300 days of riding and 3,000 miles of distance. That’s 25 days of riding and 250 miles each month. That’ll mean keeping a detailed record of all my rides, but it will still be a stretch.



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