The Design Museum

In the run up to Christmas , with our dogs at my parents, we took advantage of our freedom to go down to London for a few days. Top of our list for things to do was to visit the Design Museum to see their bicycle exhibition ‘Cycle Revolution’—we’d seen a related story in the Guardian Online, 12 designs that revolutionised cycling). Running from 18 Nov to June 30 2016 we were there in plenty of time.

They had some great bikes, lots of famous ones ridden by famous people—like the one above—but my favourite things were seeing the prototype Brompton (photo below) and the Moultons, including the amazing Double Pylon Moulton (dated 2008, also below).

Of course I can’t not include the photo of the Raleigh Chopper that was inevitably included in the exhibition. This one was a rather tatty Infra Red which was funny as it was at the end of the wall of really fancy bikes. Cool bag though!


In addition to some other exhibitions and shopping that we did we also visited some very trendy bicycle shops in London:

  • Peddle Pedlar: we had visited their stall at Eroica Britannia last July and bought a Campagnolo derailleur for Erik’s Rourke there, so we had to check out their shop. They had some lovely bicycles and great classic gear.
  • Velorution and their Biomega Concept store a few doors away.
  • Condor Cycles on Gray’s Inn Road, where Erik got bib shorts, and I waited while he tried on about 50 different pairs to get the perfect pair!


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