New Year’s resolutions

I set myself a joint goal of 300 days and 3000 of cycling miles. Both are goals for the year, but they can be broken down into monthly targets, 25 days each month and 250 miles. Today, on the 25th, I hit my target for 25 days of cycling and for 300 miles (nearly 500 km), so I’m a bit better on distance than I hoped. It’s not a monthly target, though; it’s a whole year’s goal, but this is a good start.2016-01-17finishing_web.jpg

Being an academic, I have to start by thinking about definitions. What’s a ride in a day? After almost a month of doing this, I think it’s reasonable to say, “riding five miles” is a day’s ride. I don’t think it has to be done in one ride. Five miles is a bit less than what I do cycling to and from work, which makes it easier to reach my target, but it’s not a mile or around the block, which would make it easier still.

I estimate I cycled about 250 days and 2,500 miles last year, so my target for the year is a push, but do-able.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions

    1. Thanks! Day 27 and I haven’t missed a day’s riding yet. I do focus on getting out and riding in a way that I haven’t in the past. It’s a pretty tough slog, though, on days like this when the gusts are so strong.


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