Round and about in Milton Keynes


Last Sunday we took part in a sportive in Milton Keynes, the town of a million roundabouts – well 300 according to one site (or one for every 600 people who live there!). We didn’t see any of the infamous concrete cows on our 35 mile tour of the area but it was a lovely ride on a beautiful spring day.

This Evans Ride It sportive out of the National Bowl in MK turned out to be really popular, by far the busiest sportive I’ve been on (this is now my 4th).  The day had started really cold—around freezing in Coventry and we’d actually had to defrost the car! In mid April! By the time we arrived in Milton Keynes at around 8.30 it had warmed up to around 3 degrees. When we were in the sun it felt warm but there was still a chill in the air that stuck around for most of the ride.

We cycled through lots of pretty villages in Buckinghamshire. Quiet villages with few cars and some dog walkers. There were lots of cute churches and pubs with interesting names – the Shoulder of Mutton in Little Horwood, The Three Locks, The Three Horseshoes (3 seems to be a popular number!) and somewhat unusually for a pub in the centre of the country, The Dolphin.

One of the most interesting places that we cycled through was a village called Stoke Hammond. Our attention was caught by the large town sign that described the town as ‘A thankful village’. On stopping to take a couple of photos we read that it was described as ‘thankful’ because none of the people who went to fight in WW1 were killed.


The food stop at mile 25 was nice as in addition to a piece of cake I got a pocketful of jellybeans that helped me considerably for remainder of the ride.

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