Tour de Yorkshire, the women’s race

After watching the highlights of the Tour de Yorkshire on TV last night, we decided somewhat spontaneously to drive up to Yorkshire to watch the women’s race this morning. We scouted out the route using google maps and decided on Conisborough as it had a Category 2 climb and was right at the southern end of the route.

We arrived with an hour to spare and picked our spot on the church wall, looking down onto the final 50 yards of the Queen of the Mountain climb. It wasn’t too long before the excitement started, first with police motorbikes encouraging the crowd to cheer and then the riders themselves. We saw the front runner at the head of the race, followed quickly by the peleton which included Lizzie Armistead and Lucy Garner, some of the British riders as well as the eventual winner of the day Kirsten Wild.


Several smaller groups completed the field. As we’ve learnt from previous occasions, it was all over incredibly quickly in a blur of colour and noise. Not to mention the waving iPhones of the watching crowd.

Before heading home to watch the men’s race (or not, as the TV coverage failed), we took some photos of some of the stranger displays that were around the town. And Erik climbed the hill on his Brompton!


It was all great fun and brilliant to see a women’s race taking place alongside the men’s and on the same route.


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