Wired for everything (but sound)

Well we are finally here, the eve of our Sea to Sea (C2C) trip. I’m filled with two totally polarised feelings – one of excitement at doing something really cool and challenging and the other of terror at thought of getting up all of those hills.

We are leaving tomorrow and driving up to Whitehaven where we will leave the car and tootle down to Workington. We start on the ride on Sunday morning. The weather looks like it’ll be nice and after weeks of thinking about how many layers I’ll need to wear we had a last minute dash to buy suntan lotion.


I haven’t started packing yet though Erik has done a bunch. We have spent a lot of time thinking about photography and which cameras to take. I think half of our luggage space will be taken up with wires and plugs—2 mobile phones, 2 bicycle GPS, 2 digital cameras, 1 iPad, 2 fitness bands!  We don’t have a huge amount of packing space of course. Erik has a rear pannier rack with two 15 litre bags, a rucksack and a frame bag with some tools. I have a beam rack with a top bag and as of a couple of days ago, a snazzy handlebar bag from Goodordering. Mostly I’m hoping to carry sweets, postcards and the odd rock or two but I suspect I’ll need to lug a bit more than that along (probably boring things like knickers and socks). The most exciting thing we’ve got is a handlebar mount for a camera and we plan to use an old fashioned mechanical camera and take print photos at regular points all along the route.

Assuming we can get internet access along the route we do plan to blog each day. Anyway, better get on with that packing!


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