We survived day one!

It’s a beautiful evening and we’re sitting in a restaurant Keswick (Lakes bar and bistro) with a bottle of Merlot after what feels like we’ve been cycling forever. It’s been a long way, actually just over 30 miles rather that the 24 that the guide book promised us. We had a detour along the way, a leftover from the floods of 2009 we think and a forest ride that was more mud than ride! Anyway, back to the beginning, Workington.

We found the C2C starting point easily enough and tipped our rear wheels in the sea as is tradition. I found a pretty rock to collect while Erik adjusted the beam bar so it didn’t shift from side to side as I cycled!

The first nine miles or so to Cockermouth were easy enough and we arrived in the town hungryish but otherwise feeling pretty fit. We had some apple pie and ice cream at The Bush, a pub that had a line half way up the front door where the flood waters had risen to. They even served their local ale in a bicycle themed glass!


The afternoon was a bit more of a slog, very pretty though. Mile after mile of undulating road with other traffic very scarce so that it really did feel like we were the only people out for large chunks of the trip. We started to tire at about mile 20, particularly when we discovered we were on a detour so weren’t nearly there.



Pulling off a nice tarmaced road we followed the C2C signs into a forest. Any earlier sense of slogging were blown away by the mud slog we found ourselves in. Too far to go back but so much mud ahead of us. We walked in the mud seeing our wheels clog up. On the other side of it we were happy to find an accessible stream where we spent time washing mud off our wheels, brakes etc and our boots. Actually, dipping our hands into the stream to wash the bikes felt pretty good.

We were happy to hit Keswick and zoomed through the town to the ‘Twa Dogs’, a pub with rooms. The guy was really friendly and locked our bicycles in his beer cellar. I think Erik was tempted to stay with them!

Another day ahead and we haven’t even read about that one yet but our next blog post will be from Penrith.

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