When Harry & Brian met Stan & Ollie

Well, we’re here just outside of Ulverston, looking forward to another retro bike festival, A l’ancienne.

We brought Brian (Rourke) and Harry (Hall) along for the ride. We’ll ride through the Lake District but tonight we’re chilling and looking out over Morecambe Bay on a mild summer evening. We can see Morecambe across the Bay.

This afternoon, after checking in to our apartment (the Loft Gallery at the Olde Mill Bardsea), we cycled in to Ulverston. It’s a small town that has kept its early quirky street layout, as well as a cobbled town centre. We stopped for coffee at Gillian’s Tearoom, a good choice. The specialise in fair trade and vegetarian dishes. We had coffee and cakes, and I learned what a tiffin is, which I’d never heard of before.



Ulverston is Stan Laurel’s birthplace and there’s a Laurel and Hardy museum and statue here (as well as a Floral and Hardy shop) here. We cycled back to the Olde Mill, taking pictures along the way.



Tomorrow we’re going to look around the town some more,register and ride. Can’t wait!

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