Coffee in the last mild moment of November, Bonus coffeeneuring

A challenge pushes you to go further, and today I cycled a bit further, to one of my favourite coffee shops, and went one beyond the minimum for the Coffeeneuring Challenge. I cycled down to Royal Leamington Spa (only some towns are entitled to use the prefix, “Royal”; Leamington, got its Royal from Victoria, who visited). This may have been the last mild day of the year, 10⁰ Celsius, about 50⁰ Fahrenheit. As I returned home, the skies had darkened significantly, and I could feel the beginning of rain

2016-11-16front-me_webSpa Town Coffee has only been open since July of 2015, so it’s a new kid on the block, but it’s a great cafe. Excellent coffee and pastry, Joe and Tina, who own and run it, are friendly and welcoming. It was well worth a longish ride, though I managed to pick up some groceries along the way, cycling in to Kenilworth for the things I hadn’t been able to find in Leamington (I think their supermarkets are BIG STORES on the periphery of the town). Leamington now has, besides its small shops, an Evans and a Giant store, so cyclists are surprisingly well served.

2016-11-16coffeeWednesday, 16 November, from home to coffee and then home again, 17.18 miles; cycling, excellent in the sunshine; double espresso, excellent; Spa Town Coffee, a great ending to the challenge.

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