Just a ride about town: Coffeeneuring 7

I walked Tango, one of our greyhounds on Remembrance Sunday with a gathering of greyhound owners, while Kyla went to the Remembrance Sunday commemoration at the War Memorial. We met up afterwards to cycle into to the city to try a coffee shop we’d seen but had never visited.

Didn’t get to visit it today, either. It was closed on Sunday; guess their clientele are from the local businesses, and they don’t need the Sunday trade. We pushed on and came across Sovrano Caffè, which I’d noticed before but never visited. The menu looked good and the interior warm on a cold afternoon.

We had cappuccino and latte, but as we’d had breakfast a while ago, before dog walking and Remembrance commemorations, we decided to go for crepes with maple syrup. Kyla went for the healthy option, with bananas added. Both of us were pleasantly surprised when our crepes arrived with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. In spite of the chill, the crepes were a tasty snack. We’d highly recommend Sovrano Caffè.

2016-11-13coffee_webSunday, 13 November, from home to coffee and then home again, 9.64 miles; cycling, good; the cappuccino and latte, good; crepes with maple syrup and ice cream, excellent; Sovrano Caffè, excellent.

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