Pavilion coffee shop, War Memorial Park: Coffeeneuring 6

We used the space between Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday to visit the Pavilion Coffee Shop in Coventry’s War Memorial Park. We circumnavigated the Park since it’s barely a mile from our home, arriving there as November gloom descended. Three in the afternoon isn’t night, but with an overhang of dark clouds, it’s pushing it.

From where we parked our bikes, we could see the War Memorial. Built in 1927 in a strong Art Deco style, it always seems to me a construction out of a expressionist German film 2016-11-13grave-memorial_wefrom between the wars—Metropolis, perhaps, which came out in the same year. In fact, it’s quite a moving memorial. Surrounding it and throughout the Park are trees planted to remember the dead of the War, initially the First World War and then inevitably the Second. Beneath most of the trees are small plaques commemorating those who died.

Near the Pavilion are the remains of an Atlantic cedar tree carved with poppy figures. In the 1990’s the tree broke under the weight of a wet snowfall. A chainsaw artist, John Wakefield, was asked to carve a design from the stump, and he chose a poppy design.


We had cappuccino and latte in the coffee shop, then I cycled on from the Pavilion to make my distance for the day.

2016-11-12coffee_webSaturday, 12 November, from home to coffee and then home again, 7.48 miles; cycling, good; the cappuccino and latte, good; Pavilion Coffee Shop, ok.

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