My cycling year

It’s been a good year of cycling. I set myself a goal of cycling 300 days and 3,000 miles this year, and bettered each of those goals. Tomorrow, I plan to ride five or more miles, for 346 days of cycling, and I’ve covered more than 4,500 miles (7,200 km). They were arbitrary targets, based roughly on what I did in 2015, though I had no good sense of the distance I’d covered since I didn’t clock commuter miles. I stretched my sportive distance by about 100 miles in 2016.

2016resultsKyla joined me in riding sportives this year, something new for her. Preparing for the sportives, she got fitter. Last May, we rode coast to coast across Britain: challenging, but a great trip. We cycled 160 miles from Workington to Tynemouth, fighting the wind every pedal stroke of the way. We had other fun rides, too, like the Sky Ride around Coventry’s ring road, where we traded circuits on the Raleigh Chopper we’d restored. We also both rode in Eroica in Britannia, out of Bakewell

2016-04-17ride1-cropped2_webI’ve been incredibly lucky in my health; I’m just about twice Bradley Wiggins’ age, and health is always a niggling worry. However, I think my cycling helps not only my fitness, but it also helps me recover quicker from colds and such. Of the 20 days I didn’t ride this year, most were lost to a nasty cold in October. Overall, though, cycling kept me healthy, and, better, happy in 2016!

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