Coffeeneuring, the badge

My coffeeneuring badge arrived Wednesday, and I was so pleased I took it on a trip to a coffee shop! Thank you, and Happy New Year, Mary Gersemalina! Badge and me, we went to Fargo Village, an attempt to gentrify and make edgy one of the more down-at-heels bits of Coventry. It’s got a small group of local shops, including a coffee shop I’ve never been able to get into, because it’s been firmly closed every time I’ve been there. Didn’t this time, either.

2017-01-04espresso_webInstead, I went into ChocNRoll, a shop specialising in hand-made chocolates. The owner, Tony Davies, was in the middle of post-Christmas renovation, which involved moving a counter about, but he happily agreed to make me a double espresso. I sat at the coffee bar among too many chairs and smiled at my badge, and took some pictures. Although the world is getting used to people taking pictures of food or coffee, Tony was clearly curious about what I was doing. I told him about coffeeneuring, the best idea to hit cycling since the dérailleur (it’s spelt much the same way, too!), and he told me about chocolate and his plans to begin selling locally roasted coffee, as well as to have dessert nights. He gave me a mango truffle that was beautiful and tasty.

2017-01-04mango-truffle_webWednesday, 4 January, from home to coffee and then home again, 7.64 miles; cycling, good; the double espresso, good; mango truffle, excellent; ChocNRoll, highly recommended.

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